“The Lab12 DAC1 is a non-oversampling tube DAC. That last part is presumably important, because all my audio buddies keep telling me that I need a tube DAC and then I’ll submit to the joys of streaming forever”.

“I liked the tonality of the Lab12 DAC1 Reference so much that when it came to compare a wheelbarrow full of XLR interconnects, something I’ve tried to put together for the last year, the DAC1 was my natural choice for the source…”

“What the Lab12 DAC1 contributed to this exciting new music was both a seductive and informative feel that prompted me to close my eyes and immediately tell myself wow, this sounds sooooo good…”

“Each time I listen to a product from Lab12, my first impression is that I’m hearing something unique, something that I haven’t heard before, something that’s different from most and tells me Lab12 triggers all the right synapses for me…”

“You want my conclusion on the Lab12 DAC1? Let me put it like this–while the DAC1 was in the system, I discovered a lot of new and intriguing music on Qobuz. Usually when I review a DAC I listen to a lot of favorites, a few strong demo tracks I know well, and maybe a Yulunga test or a Chocolate Chip Trip. I don’t generally go on an epic journey, not in the way I have with the Lab12 DAC1 Reference…”

Marc Phillips