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melto2 wins “Platinum Note” award by Hi-Fi Voice

"...The practical breadth of connectivity and various settings will satisfy even the demanding owner of really great turntables and ...

June 17th, 2024|Categories: Reviews, Source|Tags: , , , |

melto2 reviewed by Watt Audio

"The sound quality of the LAB12 melto2 satisfied me in every way in an exceptional way. It provides a ...

June 5th, 2024|Categories: Reviews, Source|Tags: , , , |

gordian reviewed by Audiophile Fr

"The Gordian model that is the subject of this test bench is a configurable noise filtering and power factor ...

January 30th, 2024|Categories: Power, Reviews|Tags: , , |

integre4 MK2 Toroidal reviewed by Hxosplus

"Δεν χρειάστηκε πολύς χρόνος ούτε τυφλά τεστ προκειμένου να διαπιστώσουμε την ευεργετική επίδραση του νέου τροφοδοτικού στην συνολική ποιότητα ...

January 25th, 2024|Categories: Amplifying, Reviews|Tags: , , |

dac1 reference reviewed by Rognlien

"The basic features of the reproduction from the LAB12 DAC1 Reference are airy, lively, dynamic, with the well-known naturalness ...

January 3rd, 2024|Categories: Reviews, Source|Tags: , , |

gordian reviewd by Stereo+

A great review for the LAB12 Gordian Power Conditoner. Stereo+ rewarded the Gordian with a 9.1/10 in rating. ...

November 10th, 2023|Categories: Power, Reviews|Tags: , , |
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