For all of us any occasion that will bring us together with friends and known faces, sounds the best idea. Especially after the last 2 years when we had to prioritize ours and our people’s health and life, so less or more we stayed inside forgetting about meetings and companies in person, even hugs and handshaking.

Much better when this specific occasion is the biggest yearly celebration of Audio in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe with plenty of Wurst! and Bier! In a great and accommodating exhibition center.

Amplifiers, DACs, turntables, speakers and cables will be there but, further than this, there will be people to see, discuss and have fun with. All of us that share the same, among others, passion for music and all the pieces about its reproduction.

Lab12 team will also be there at L01 booth of Hall 3, just near the main entrance and we can’t wait to meet you there to chat and introduce you our known and new audio stuff.

Audiophile Lab12 designs oriented on vacuum tubes in a complete range.
Many choices of amplification units, few Watts for the romantics to high musical power for dynamic guys.
Full tube Phono Preamplifiers with all -and some more- of needed adjustments, for those with serious vinyl fetishes.
Digital to Analog Non-Oversampling converter that wanted to be born as analog as vacuum tubes, because there is no need not to have a real sound when loving the convenience of digital goods.
Our famous Power Devices will also be there as the final but very important link to any HiFi system.

Pass by for a candy, a hello and a smile, they are so important for all of us. Meet you there!