“The Gordian model that is the subject of this test bench is a configurable noise filtering and power factor correction system that provides fine current filtering. It works through a sophisticated, adaptive network of passive components and an industrial-grade power analyzer that uses mathematical analysis of power line characteristics.

Everything has been done to obtain a “clean” sound from your audio system. You should keep in mind that the Gordian is entirely handcrafted with perfectly selected and among the best parts. Large-section OFC conductors, a star grounding design, high-quality sealed sockets and industrial-grade connections ensure an unwavering power supply that powers every link in a high-fidelity chain…”

“As soon as you turn it on, the effects are immediate: everything ultimately changes, starting with the texture of the timbres and more precisely the high and mid frequencies. The stability of the mains current results in a better understanding of each musical instrument…”

“…the Gordian brings significant added value to all styles of music, all sound recording and mixing. Its agility and respect for timbres highlight the music and, by the same token, the audio devices connected to it…”

“Highly configurable or in automatic mode, this fabulous power filter breathes life back into your audio system. Extremely effective, its use very audibly accompanies the best digital and analog recordings. Contrary to popular belief, the Gordian is far from containing dynamics . Its fine adjustments are precisely intended to manage the mains current depending on the devices. In short, it is an essential companion to any HIFI set worthy of the name. To test urgently.”

– Lionel Schmitt