“Handcrafted in Greece, the Lab12 HPA is primarily a headphone amp which can also be used as a preamp and which is equipped with a USB DAC input. Its design is old-fashioned, not to say anachronistic, with tube stages in OTL assembly and a conversion chip that is not at all Hi-res. However, it made us melt with its bewitching musicality…”

“The rendering of the Lab12 HPA is also very cohesive and innately natural. Rhythmic and melodic articulation is excellent, whatever the style of music. Without trying to highlight the details, and being in no way surgical, this device allows us to hear certain instruments, sound effects, sound effects that we had completely missed, even on recordings that we have listened to many times and that we know well. The Lab12 HPA does it with a sort of obviousness, without it seeming abnormal or unusual, letting the musical magic speak…”

“Finally, the Lab12 HPA particularly charmed us with the sensation of grandiose space that it exudes. The stereo image is both very vast and full, with exceptional cohesion, immersing you in the acoustics of the sound recording…”

-Pierre Stemmelin