“I was impressed by how deep the Lab 12 integre4 Mk2 descended into the frequency cellar. The deep bass was raven black, powerful and yet precise, I had no idea that my speakers were capable of such a performance..

.. the Lab 12 amplifier does not allow itself the slightest weakness: the most subtle sibilants and vowels in singing sound almost astonishingly realistic. But the historical instruments also played extremely colorfully and naturally, the finest sound ramifications were resolved very cleanly and resonated in detail..

.. If you are looking for a universal, powerful and superb-sounding tube amplifier with no weaknesses in terms of speaker selection, you should definitely shortlist the Lab 12 integre4 Mk2. Endless headroom, pure joy of playing and exemplary properties in terms of coarse and fine dynamics characterize this amplifier. Finally, the integre4 Mk2 has a very special feature for tube rollers with the convenient possibility of bias adjustment, especially since the device makes the different qualities of different glass bulb derivatives immediately audible. Chapeau!”

Carsten Bussler