[…] the Mighty found one way after another to mess with my head, sound better than I thought it should, and make me reconsider five decades of carefully cultivated engineering biases. […]The Mighty is an exciting-to-use, paradigm-shifting treat.

[…]The Pre1 took all the Mighty’s strong points and improved them, emphasizing speed, clarity, detail, and momentum. The Pre1’s transparency-sparkle factor was off the charts.

[…]I felt like: This is it! All I’ll ever need! […]Once my brain got past all that new bass energy, I realized I was experiencing a more refined, grainless, “invisible” preamplifier than any I could recall using. […]

If you have a small room and like your recording playback uncolored but colorful, this could be an end-game sound system. […]

If you’re a tube-favoring audiophile, these Lab12 separates offer pure, high-lucidity sound with just enough tube brilliance and harmonic sheen to keep the sound fascinating and the music human. Highly recommended.

Herb Reichert