“Lab12 is an ‘up and coming’ company from Greece that has been quietly working on its portfolio since 2012 and in the meantime has been winning one award after another…”

“The Lab12 pre1 is a class A tube pre-stage, fully implemented in dual mono. The construction is deliberately kept simple with quality components and that quickly pays off we notice. The frequency range goes from 5 Hz to 200 kHz and that is clearly audible. The pre1 lets a lot through… The preamp is very quiet when we put our ear to the speakers. Nice. There are five rca inputs and an rca and xlr output. And that’s it. A fully analog preamp without dac or phono stage. A deliberate choice of Lab12 to keep the signal as pure as possible…”

“The Lab12 dac1 reference is a further refinement of the dac1 special edition with even better materials assembled… From the toroidal transformer no less than six supply lines lead everything in the right direction. Rather exceptional is the use of tubes in the output stage. Those tubes are the same as in the pre1…”

“At Lab12, the technique is a function of the experience and the music itself. Analytical, clinical or detached are terms that are not in their vocabulary…”

-Geoffrey Vanhouwaert