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Lab12 Noyra follows on the steps of the great success of the multiple awards winning Lab12 Gordian power conditioner/distributor. With Noyra, we have managed to encapsulate Gordian’s mighty core and DNA in a simpler and more straightforward package.
Like Gordian, Noyra ensures perfect, non-restrained power delivery and energy flow from all of the six power outputs of which four are high-filtered and two low- filtered.
Massive cross section OFC copper conductors are used at all stages and the star design layout (ground, phase and neutral) ensures the absence of current loops. There are no negative sonic or power effects with Noyra, but only pure delivery of essential power to your system.
Overvoltage protection on all outputs, protects all the connected devices from any unwanted power spikes.
The stylish and understated half centimeter-thick aluminum front plate offers easy integration with the rest of your system components.
As with all Lab12 products, Noyra also comes with two color choices of glass blasting anodizing finish.


• EU, US, UK, Swiss outlets version
• 230V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz version
• EMI RFI filtering
• Overvoltage protection
• 5mm Aluminum face panel
• Five Years Guarantee


• Number of outlets: 6
• High filtered outlets power (1-4) : 500W
• Low filtered outlets power (5-6) : 3000W
• Mains inlet: 16A IEC C14
• Mains voltage: 230V / 50Hz (115V / 60Hz)
• Available Colours: Matt Black, Frozen Silver
• Dimension (WxHxD): 43x11x29 cm
• Weight: 5 Kg

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