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melto1 reviewed by LowBeats

"...Great in elegance, inflexible in resolution. This is clearly a reference class phono stage...[...] In terms of sound, you are in seventh heaven. The owner can indulge in the intoxication and swim in a sea of ​​fine information…"- Andreas Gunther ...

June 15th, 2022|Reviews, Source|

melto1 wins ‘BEST BUY’ award by Mono & Stereo | BEST OF 2022

"...Melto1 was undoubtedly designed by music lovers for vinyl lovers and it offers the listener the possibility to enjoy the music very easily. It offers a high level of reproduction and sound with all the necessary settings at an ...

May 3rd, 2022|Reviews, Source|

melto1 reviewed by fairaudio

"...The Lab12 Melto1 offers exactly what many vinyl fans are looking for: it convinces with rich and differentiated harmonic textures and timbres, with suppleness and a skilful rhythmic flow that connects you directly with the music...." - Ralph Werner ...

March 10th, 2022|Reviews, Source|


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