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High Conductivity AC Power Cable

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One serious step higher than our famous Knack MK2 power cable, we ensure that AC1 is more efficient in all points.

Following the philosophy of connection-series on dielectric materials, this power cable is the ideal companion for any level of audio devices.


  • Capacitance: 42,70 pF/ft
  • Resistance: 1,75 mΩ/ft
  • Inductance: 0,38 μH/ft
  • Conductors type: Hybrid
  • Metal: PCOFC (Pure Crystal Oxygen Free Copper)
  • Cross Sectional Area: 4,20 mm2
  • Insulation: Polyvinyl Chloride (Free of Phthalates)
  • Purity: 99,99997%
  • Standard Length: 1.5m
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