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Passive Attenuator / Input Selector



Everyone in high-end audio is familiar with the straight gain concept – the best amplifier is a cable with gain. It’s the most pure, unaltered way of signal delivery that adds none of its own signature and keeps the flow of music untouched and unadulterated.
Nothing keeps the level of micro and macro details intact as passive preamplifiers and our Lab12 True can transfer the musical energy with feather-like lightness and uncompromising dynamic impact at the same time – a fine balancing act few manage to achieve.
True was designed as a superlative passive, high-end audio hub that offers users multiple inputs and an ultra- transparent, yet musical volume control.
As with all Lab12 products, True comes with a glass blasting anodizing finish.

Some like it, the pure way


• 3 positions switch ground setting
• Blue Velvet ALPS Audio Grade potentiometer
• High Grade Input Selector
• 5mm Aluminum face panel
• Five Years Guarantee


• Input impedance: 50 kohm
• Output impedance: Variable
• Inputs: 3x line stereo RCA connectors
• Output: 1x line stereo RCA connectors
• Available Colors: Matt Black
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 32x11x29 cm
• Weight: 3,5 Kg


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