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integre4 Mk2 reviewed by HIFISTATEMENT

“I was impressed by how deep the Lab 12 integre4 Mk2 descended into the frequency cellar. The deep bass was raven black, powerful and yet precise, I had no idea that my speakers were capable of such a performance.. ...

July 18th, 2022|Amplifying, Reviews|

integre4 wins ‘REVIEWER’S CHOICE’ award by Part-Time Audiophile

“...If the word gets out, this Greek company should finally get the attention it deserves. This is empire-building stuff, right here… …My favorite components tend to be the ones that instantly make me feel at home by offering the ...

June 21st, 2022|Amplifying, Reviews|

integre4 reviewed by Audiophilia

"...integre4 was a first class tube integrated offering a lot of the benefits of quality, smooth solid state power but with tubes’ generosity of spirit. This was a potent combination on many genres of music. ...lovers of tube designs ...

March 29th, 2022|Amplifying, Reviews|

suara wins EDITOR’S CHOICE award by HiFi Pig

"..A powerful and detailed sound that folk who think valves are all soft and woolly need to hear Oodles of control in the bass and yet a deftness of touch that brings music alive.. It sounds fantastic, looks good ...

March 29th, 2022|Amplifying, Reviews|

hpa reviewed by fairaudio

"..The tube-equipped headphone amplifier Lab12 hpa scores with a tonally balanced, minimally warmer reproduction, high resolution and a vivid stage representation. He is also very stable dynamically..." -Thomas Kopanz read the review ...

April 14th, 2021|Amplifying, Reviews|

integre4 reviewed by Soundstage! Hi-Fi

"..All in all, the Lab12 Integre4 was a thoroughly excellent-sounding integrated amplifier. Its powerful, punchy, dynamic sound was a treat for the ears, and its fine timing did justice to all genres of music. . . .Throw in its ...

January 7th, 2021|Amplifying, Reviews|

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